The course HOA 458: Art of Romanticism is taught by professor Romita Ray. Dr. Ray specializes in the art and architecture of the British Empire in India. At Syracuse University, she teaches European art and architecture (18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries), Indian art and architecture, post-colonial theory, theories of Orientalism, and film studies. She is an editorial board member for the Journal of South Asian Studies and a member of the Advisory Committee for the Indian Council of Historical Research based in New Delhi, India. Dr. Ray has taught at Colby College, the University of Georgia, and Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea). Her research interests center on the art/architecture of the British empire in India, history of science, landscape studies, post-colonial theory, Orientalism in art, and material culture.

Romanticism at SU is a collaboration between prof Romita Ray (College of Arts and Sciences) and her students with professor Daniel Acuna (School of Information Studies) at Syracuse University and Elizabeth Novoa (Unika Analytics). The idea to collaborate on a website was born while riding the Connective Corridor bus at Syracuse University and evolved over the course of two semesters.

Professor Ray and her students thank Laura Wellner, Emily Dittman, and Emma Geiler in the Syracuse University Art Galleries, and Nicole Westerdahl and Colleen Theisen in the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University. They also thank Jennifer Riley (The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), Heidi S. Raatz (Minneapolis Institute of Art), and Mary Seo (The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore) for their help with images related to the essays written by the students.

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